Pastor david smith

Rev. David A. Smith started his ministry with Tibitha Church of God on December 1, 2016.  He and his wife, Marilyn have been married for 36 years.  They have two children.  Rachel lives in Bloomington, Indiana and works at the Indiana University Library.  Nathan lives in St. Louis, Missouri and will be getting married in August, 2018.

Prior to coming to Reedville, Virginia, David was the senior pastor at Royal Chapel Church of God in Hickory, North Carolina for eight years.  Previous to that he was the senior pastor at First Church of God in Cassopolis, Michigan for five years.  David graduated from Anderson College (now Anderson University), Anderson, Indiana with a B.A. in religious studies and mathematics.  David met Marilyn while attending Anderson.  David received his Master of Divinity from the Anderson University School of Theology in 2005.

David has also worked as a Cost/Estimator, Purchasing Agent and CAD/CAM Programmer over the years.

Marilyn currently works at the Northumberland County Public Library as the Children's Director.


June 18, 2021

In Numbers 6:22,23 the Lord says to Moses to tell Aaron and his sons how to bless the Israelites in verses 24-26, which is

      “The LORD bless you

          and keep you;

       the LORD make his face shine on you

          and be gracious to you;

       the LORD turn his face toward you

          and give you peace.” (NIV)

This blessing has come to be known as the Aaronic blessing and is used even today in many churches.  I have used it at times as a benediction and preached on this blessing.  Also, I included it in an earlier letter as my closing and prayer for you.  The reason God told Moses to have Aaron do this is because we have a God who wants us to experience his blessings. God wants us to know that he cares about us deeply.  In verse 25 where most translations say “the Lord make his face shine on you” the New Living Translation interprets the verse with “the Lord smile on you.”  I just love that.  Think about when someone smiles at you and how it makes you feel.  It makes us feel wonderful and can brighten our day.  Now think about God smiling at you.  That should make us feel very very wonderful and more than brighten our day.  So, when you get up in the morning think about Numbers 6:25 and picture God smiling at you.  It will help in having a day that is full of joy and God’s blessings.

Pastor Dave