missions & outreach

This page shows the missions and outreach ministries Tibitha Church of God supports.  As you will see below these are local and global ministries.  We are a church that wants to support our community and to see the message of love and salvation that we have through Jesus Christ spread all around the world.


WyldLife is Young Life’s ministry to middle school kids. Because middle school kids are at a different developmental stage than high schoolers and have different needs, we make a subtle distinction from our high school ministry.  WyldLife staff and leaders believe that adolescents are important and valuable. They are making decisions that will influence the rest of their lives. Staff and leaders are committed to building relationships with kids and modeling the attractive, unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Caty Neely is the Northern Neck Young Life Director.  

Tibitha Church of God along with other churches in the area are helping to support this ministry.

To learn more about this ministry click here.


Corey & Abby Stocksdale along with their children, Olivia, Simeon and Declan are Church of God missionaries to Botswana.  Tibitha Church of God, along with other Church of God congregations, have partnered with them to support them financially and with prayer.  

Corey and Abby have a passion for outreach and community development. The Church of God in Botswana invited them to help the church implement a child-sponsorship program through Children of Promise. They are also helping to develop evangelism and community outreach programs designed to meet the social, spiritual, and financial needs of the community—kingdom tasks well suited to their experience as community developers.

Currently they are on furlough and recently we got to meet with them online.  You can learn more about them by visiting their Church of God Global Strategy website by clicking here.

You can also learn more about them by visiting their Facebook page by clicking here.

team stocksdale meeting with tibitha church of god

On Sunday Evening, September 13th, we had the opportunity to meet with Corey and Abby online.  They had planned to come to Reedville to meet with us face to face but because of the coronavirus they were unable to come.  The Zoom meeting was recorded and here is that recording for you to watch and be inspired by what God is doing in Botswana through the Stocksdale family.  There were those who joined from home as well as us who were at the church.



Kaitlyn Smith is another Church of God missionary who is receiving financial support from Tibitha Church of God.  Here is her ministry focus:

The Church of God in Uganda has developed and grown through a strategy of integrated community engagement: congregations that are partnered with schools, housing, AIDS programs, and five medical clinics, among other services. While Ugandan nurses and doctors have been meeting people’s needs, there has been a desperate need for a medical coordinator for the clinics.


Kaitlin is developing relationships within the church and medical community, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each of the church’s clinics, developing and implementing plans to bring each clinic up to government standards and connecting them to resources within the local and global community. One goal of Kaitlin’s ministry is to help them to grow and improve their standard of care, and help clinic staff ensure that patients are cared for spiritually as well as physically in partnership with local congregations.

You can learn more about her and her ministry at Church of God Global Strategy by clicking here.

To visit her ministry on Facebook click here.